TripleBricks Games
Based in HaNoi, VietNam

Founding date:
October 5, 2019


Press / Business contact:



166 lane, Kim Ma street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi

+84 (0) 935939192


We are TripleBricksGames, a team formed to develop indie titles. The product we want to introduce to you this time is called Legendary Hoplite. Hope everyone will like Legendary Hoplite and join us in contributing ideas to make the game more and more perfect.



Immerse in the world of Greek mythology when the gods now sealed Olympus and humans become masters of the earth. But the ancient beasts and monsters do not accept this because they have found a way to destroy all humans. Conflict is inevitable, bloody skirmishes will emerge. The last hope of humankind lies in Ithaca – the home of the legendary Odysseus. As an elite Hoplite warrior, you will be the guardian of Ithaca from the relentless attacks of monsters. If they break through the defense, your people will be slaughtered and humanity will be annihilated. Combining Tower Defense and Action RPG gameplays, Legendary Hoplite transforms players into a hero on the battlefield, where you will use your fighting skills and commanding armies to fight legions of mighty monsters.


After Odysseus returned from Troy and regained the throne of Ithaca, a reign of peace was established for 10 years. This was also the time when the gods gave the Earth to the human and sealed off Olympus. Until one day, Odysseus was suddenly killed by one of his bastards. Before his death, because his demise came too sudden upon him, Odysseus resorted to breaking a sacred oath to reveal a secret that he had kept his entire life. But Odysseus’s betrayal revealed Ithaca’s secret; a secret that generations of soldiers here swear to die to protect; secretly holds the survival of mankind. This news began to spread throughout the Earth, waves of monsters flooded Ithaca, surrounded the land out of greed for power and lust for revenge. They believe that the end of the human race and the overthrow of Olympus is not far away.



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Mail contact@triplebricksgames.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Van Truong
Co-Founder, GD

Huu Ngoc
Co-Founder, Dev

Manh Pham
Co-Founder, Art-Director

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